Venture Outdoors...

You don't need to be in a conventional "counselling room" in order to focus on yourself, your life, the changes you wish to make and how to achieve what you want. Reflection and change happens inside you, not in the physical space around you.

With the uncertainty of the pandemic over the past year or so, I am happy to meet with you online if you are not so keen on outdoor sessions for your coaching. This can also be preferable for you as a first assessment session with the option of moving to an outdoor setting for further sessions if you wish.

If you want to walk and talk in the stunning South Wales Valleys environment, or sit in a peaceful park to utilise the natural and ever-changing environment around you, then I can offer sessions in any mutually agreed outdoor setting in or around the Valleys or Cardiff and the Vale.  Many people have found this approach very effective in creating positive connections with nature, harnessing the therapeutic effects of being in the fresh air, the benefits of endorphins that are released during gentle exercise, and the wealth of visual, audio and tactile metaphors to assist with positive processes of self-reflection and change. Mindfulness walks have proved particularly popular with many of my clients.

Most importantly, the emphasis is on flexibility  - we can chat about where and how you want to start making the changes that will lead to you achieving what you want.