Coaching, life change and support services


I offer one-to-one sessions, or I can also tailor responses for couples. We start with an assessment meeting where we identify  the issues that you wish to make changes around;  during that session I will ask you about your dreams, goals, fears and obstacles and listen to you openly and without judgement.  I will then create a bespoke response for your unique situation, which will draw on a variety of skills and theories. 


From the outset, you and I will work collaboratively - my goal is to guide you to a place where you feel totally in control of managing your own future achievements and happiness, not to create a dependency on long term therapy.   You will be amazed at how much positive change you can make in a relatively short period of time, as you begin to realise that you have all the resources you need inside yourself.

We will meet either in my home-based consulting room, or if you wish, an agreed outdoor setting for nature-based sessions.  

Below are some examples of the types of issues that coaching and NLP responses can help with.  These are not exhaustive however, so please get in touch with me with any issue or query about how I can help you transform your life.

More info on each service...
  • At a crossroads in your life?

  • Feeling torn between venturing in one direction or another?

  • Wanting guidance and clarity about next steps for yourself?

  • Uncertain about your job or relationship?

  • Generally feeling stuck, unmotivated or unclear how to achieve what you believe you are capable of in any area of your life?

Self-esteem and confidence building
Life coaching
  • Do you regularly avoid opportunities because you're convinced you are not good enough to achieve them?

  • Are you often hurt and preoccupied with criticism from other people, even from years ago?

  • Do you get overwhelmed by challenges that you are afraid to fail at?

  • Do you tend to disregard or disbelieve compliments that people pay you?

Overcoming fears and phobias
  • Do you become anxious or fearful for reasons that other people find irrational?

  • Are there situations you want to experience without worrying?

  • Do you struggle with some everyday tasks due to feeling anxious or panicky?

  • Have you talked yourself out of doing something you wanted to do because of fear? 

  • Are you repeatedly doing things you want to stop doing?

  • Wanting to change your eating, drinking or exercise habits?

  • Do you find yourself taking out your anger or other strong emotions in unhelpful ways?

  • Need a boost to be even better at something you enjoy?

Changing behaviours
Relationship guidance
  • Are you struggling to communicate with a partner, family member or close friend in ways that are helpful for that relationship?

  • Responding to emotional situations involving those close to you, in ways that are upsetting for them and you?

  • Having difficulty getting over a relationship break-up?

  • Unsure whether to stay with or leave a partner?


More about life coaching:      Life coaching is about identifying what is important to you, setting goals and creating powerful, practical tools for yourself that you can use to gain clarity and motivation to achieve happiness and success.


I can offer coaching in any aspect of your life that you may find helpful - work, finances, family and personal relationships, or just a more general overhaul to identify what is good and what is not in your life at the moment, and how you can rebalance your life in your favour.

Everyone's life and circumstances are unique, so I will create a bespoke response to reflect what you want and need.

More about self-esteem and confidence building:   Past experiences can have a profound effect on how we view ourselves throughout our lives.  Sometimes that is helpful, but criticism or unrealistic expectations from people we are close to, can leave us questioning our worth and feeling convinced that we will never perform well enough or be a good enough person, even when outwardly we seem to be OK.


I believe every person has the right to feel valued and confident in anything they choose to do.  Learning to balance a reasonable level of nervousness at attempting difficult tasks, with a genuine belief that you can and deserve to succeed, is a truly empowering experience and I can help you to progress towards that.  Similarly, developing a strong sense of positive self-worth regardless of what you choose to aim for in life and what obstacles might await you, is invaluable in attaining inner peace and contentment. I would love to support you in that development.


More about anxiety, phobia and trauma resolution:      Fear is a natural and very helpful response that reduces the likelihood of us coming to harm. Sometimes however, our brain triggers this response automatically at times when rationally it doesn't feel helpful, when logically we know we are safe but unconsciously our brain is reacting as if we aren't.  This is a respoinse linked to a phobia or trauma.


You may have this in relation to something common such as spiders, or it might be something that other people don't understand or sympathise with, but which you feel you have no control over.  The feeling could range from mild yet unhelpful anxiety, right through to debilitating panic which is affecting your day to day life. 


Whatever the nature of your fear, I can help you using some simple and often relatively quick techniques, to retrain your brain to overcome the fear response and free you up to enjoy your life without the restriction the phobia or trauma has placed upon you.


Alternatively, you may have a fear that isn't triggered automatically but that you have talked yourself into using seemingly rational but unhelpful beliefs.  Fear of flying is a good example of this, where you build up negative thoughts about a potential catastrophe and thus learn to link any consideration of flying with the fear of that disastrous outcome.  Again, I can work with you on reframing your thoughts and teaching yourself to make different links between the thinking, emotional responses and the activity you are wanting to undertake without fear.

More about behaviour change:    Sometimes it is difficult to accept that we are fully in control of our actions, that bad things don't "just happen" and that if we are unhappy with any aspect of what we do,  we can change it.  On the other hand, that can be very reassuring and empowering - imagine truly realising you don't need to rely on anyone else for your success and happiness - if you want to be a certain way, you are 100% able to be it!


I am able to help you to identify behaviours that don't sit comfortably with who you really want to be, what you want to achieve or what your core values are.  Whether it is the way you express strong emotions such as anger, lifestyle choices such as what you eat, drink or other things that are leaving you feeling guilty and unhappy - the important aim that I will guide you towards, is a clear understanding and belief in the choices you make, then we can identify strategies that work for you to set, achieve and maintain your goals for change.

More about relationship support:    I have a significant level of experience in supporting individuals towards healthy relationships through my work with domestic abuse in recent years, and also throughout my career where it has been clear to me that the quality of people's personal relationships strongly influences every other aspect of their lives.


It can be productive at times simply to have a "relationship check-up" - how well do you communicate and relate with those close to you - what values do you share and how do you compromise when these differ - what responsibility do you take for your part in conflicts, and so on?  When things feel difficult and even damaging in a relationship, accessing a neutral person outside of that emotional setting, can be vital in helping you make positive and ultimately healthy decisions, however painful those might feel.  


I can work with you using processes that are sensitive, safe and effective.


Please note, that although I am experienced in working with domestic abuse, I would not work with you or your partner if there is current abuse ongoing, as there are various additional processes that are required in order to help you both stay safe under those circumstances.  I can signpost you onto an appropriate organisation if you require this.